What Do You Feed A Fox?

While there are quite a few requirements to being a good fox mum, diet is probably the most important. Foxes need a nutrient called Taurine in their diet. This is found in animal tissues. Without this foxes can go blind or suffer from seizures. This is similar to cats. Feeding them just dog or cat food is usually detrimental to their health, as most dog kibble doesn't have the taurine needed and cat food is too high in fat.

 They also must have adequate amounts of calcium, foxes like other animals can easily go lame or suffer from not getting the correct nutrients In their foods.

In order to mimic their natural diet the foxes eat a raw diet. They get a variety of meats like quail, turkey, duck, rabbit, and other game animals she may have eaten in the wild.  I mix this with some yummy veggies like green beans, carrots or peas. Then apples, sweet potatoes, peaches, or raspberries. She also gets eggs and ground eggshells for calcium. We leave high protein dog kibble out once a week so that she can get any extra vitamins we many have not provided in her raw meals.

Jessika Coker