Juniper's Personality

Those of you who have followed us for a while know Juniper loves to eat socks, flirt with Moose, cuddle in the morning, and hide food incase snack emergencies, but since she's now a strong, independent, grown fox here's a few things about her personality you may not know.

Juniper is SASSY. I've never met anyone, human or animal more sassy than she is. She's will always let me know exactly how she feels about something. If she dislikes what's going on she'll walk over, ears back, and scream at me, then casually walk away. (Yes, foxes can scream).

We all know Juniper is in love with @boyfriendmoose. Even if those feelings aren't always reciprocated. However, she has a tendency to play hard to get. She will try to get Moose's attention all day everyday, but as soon as Moose is in the mood to play with her, she sits and stares at him, or pretends she's doing something better. #girlcode

She's an interior designer. She's recently decided to take up residence under the bed. She's gradually been building the ultimate #dreamhouse under there. It's fully furnished with all of her large stuffed animals, stocked with leftover treats, lovely drapes (that were once my bedskirt). It's even has a great view to the rest of the room.

Jessika Coker