Do Foxes Bite?

Any animal with teeth can bite. That's the golden rule of working with animals.

Foxes are extremely moody animals, and anyone who has worked with a fox can tell you that they've gotten bitten like this at least once. They're very possessive of food and or toys and it takes a lot of training to get them to the point where this isn't a regular occurrence. Being able to read their body language and understanding their behavior is incredibly important.

Namely red foxes, also go through a change during their first fall. Kits are born in the spring usually around April or May and by October begin getting a surge of hormones through their bodies. This is when they stop acting like dogs and start becoming more of a fox. They become aloof, flighty, and generally more aggressive than they previously had been as babies. This time affects every fox differently and some act more adverse than others, but during this age there are always bites

Jessika Coker