Can you travel with a fox?

Vacations are pretty much nonexistent.

Firstly, let's talk about rabies. Foxes need rabies shots just like dogs. However, the rabies shot is not a recognized vaccine for foxes. Because of this foxes cannot be boarded at kennels or doggy day cares.

"So bring the foxes with you?" Traveling with any exotic animal is difficult, especially foxes. In order to cross state lines with a fox it's required that you call each state's Department of Natural Rresources to advise/get authorization to import. While it is possible to take them, it's pretty difficult and some states do not permit import, even when just driving though.

"Can't someone watch her for you?" Foxes bond closely with only one or two people. Interaction with new people or even people she knows, but doesn't interact with daily can be very stressful. It's also difficult to find someone who would be up to the enormous task of caring for them in our absence as it requires an around the clock house sitter.

Ryan Bush