Do foxes make "good house pets"?

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Though tame foxes do show similar characteristics to dogs and cats, they actually do not make good "conventional" pets. This is especially true when indoors.

 Foxes dig. They'll dig for many reasons, to bury food, for entertainment, to build dens. Juniper likes to dig at the mattress and in the carpet. Once we found a whole filet of fish buried under our carpet. She had torn up a corner and hidden her emergency stash there. We hadn't given her fish in three days.

It's important that she has her outdoor enclosure, somewhere that she can just not give a fox. She has mulch and dirt to dig in, saplings to chew on and we're going to get her a sandbox this spring for more fox fun. 

Foxes also love to chew. Most of the foxes I've seen love to chew on any and everything. Juniper personally loves fabric. She's not bias, any fabric will do. Shirts, bras, underwear, blankets, the couch. Her personal favorite though is socks. You may also notice the door, Moose and Juni tag teamed on that. 

Regardless, I respect what she is and I still love her to bits. ⠀

Ryan Bush