The Fosters

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A Sweet Wildling…

“Frankie” is a domestic ferret that was found wondering the streets of someone’s Florida neighborhood.

After realizing Frankie wasn’t just a long squirrel, the family brought him inside and began looking for his owners. After two weeks no one had contacted them so they surrendered Frankie to us so that he can find a new family to love him.

People often will let their more “wild” pets go when they no longer can or wish to care for them. While in theory this may seem like a great idea, it’s actually devastating to both the animal and our native wildlife. Most domestic animals cannot survive on their own, and those that can survive threaten our natural ecosystem by becoming an invasive species. While we do not know why Frankie was wondering around on his own, it is possible that his family let him go purposefully.

Frankie loves to play! He loves to hang out with us and run around the house in search of items to hide away in places we will never find them again.

Other than having fleas Frankie was given a clean bill of health by our vet! He has been treated and is now flea free! He does shake a bit when he is first being held, our vet believes this is due to anxiety and that it is not from anything medical. We are unsure of his exact age, but he is an adult and likely under two years old.

If you’re interested in adopting Frankie, check out our application below!

  • Adoption Fee: $50

  • dewormed

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