The Fosters


A nervous girl who needs someone she can trust…

“Remy” was found her running along the side of a highway. A girl by the name of Natasha spotted her and managed to get her off the road and into her car. She then took her to the vet to see if she had a microchip. She did and her owners were contacted, but the previous owner did not want to come and pick her up so relinquished her to Natasha, who was caring for her for a month before she came to us.

She is a very nervous and timid dog, who needs a lot of praise to build her confidence. Her tail has been tucked between her legs since she got here. She cowers in fear if she’s approached too quickly or if there are any sudden movements and sounds. She has to be carried in and out of rooms because she's too terrified to walk, but despite all of this she has such a gentle demeanor.

She has been so well mannered with Moose and myself. She has been wonderful in the house and very well behaved. She seems to be house broken and hasn't done much more than lay comfortably on the floor and watch the day go by. She's going to need a lot of work, but she is going to be someones heart dog.

I'm hoping to get her adopted out as soon as possible. When I decided to take her in I thought I would keep her here for a while to build up her confidence and trust, but based on the way she's been acting I fear that she will get attached and I would hate to have that taken away from her once she goes to a new home and be forced to animate to a new household all over again. She seems to be the type of dog who is going to bond very closely to one or two people and she needs some stability in her life quick.

If you are interested in adopting Remy and being that one person she can trust please fill out the adoption application below!

  • Adoption Fee: $200

  • spayed

  • Utd on all shots

  • microchipped

  • dutch shepherd

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